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friendly reminder to everyone who thinks levi should be kept far away from children after what we saw in chapter 56 that historia is, in fact, a three year trained recruit that scored the rank of tenth most competent trainee of her squad. levi isn’t abusing a child. he isn’t abusing a girl. he is disciplining a soldier. he is giving her the same treatment that — as a commanding officer  he would subject anyone to (man or woman, 50 or 15) with her status under the current circumstances. gender equality; heard of it? well, take a good look, there’s a sterling example for you.

if you want an example of how levi treats children, look at isabel. look at the way he treats her. remember that he saved her from the brink of starvation, gave her a home, a family (as much of one as he had the means to give her, anyway). remember the fact that, in the underground, children fucking FLOCKED around this guy for safety, for comfort. for hope.

then come in here and tell me that levi is a child abusing sadist piece of shit. go on. i fucking dare you.

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geht thet theng ewehy frem meh.

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Rainbow trout #food #personal

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Smoked salmon #food #personal

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狛枝らくがき 瞳書き込んだの潰れた

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にー | 米 

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the binder of this volume of ACWNR features Hajime Isayama’s comment which is 「こっちのリヴァイはすげえキレイです!!」which translates to “Levi looks so pretty in here!” IM CRYING


So I haven’t read “World Trigger” but I’m going to guess it’s trying to draw in the Eva fans by using similar font and having the lead be an ugly Kaworu clone. 


ロンパつめ! by: みみみ

**permission to upload this was given by the artist**

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Don’t even dare Erwin Smith!! >:0

(Dedicates this to all my bbs on twitter coz every time I wanna be sad they don’t allow me to be sad! those little shits!! ♥)



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